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Primary Photographer - Leroy Tademy Jr.
Leroy has over 10 years of photography experience, but still enjoys learning new things about his craft. He is outgoing, kind, and just the guy you want around if you need to brainstorm ideas. If he isn't working then he is probably one of two places - 1) the gym working out or 2) hanging out with his kids doing some kind of (usually outdoor) activity or sport. 

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Head Graphic Designer - Chelsea Tademy
Chelsea has over 11 years of experience working in graphic design, but her favorite design work involves designing banners, etc. using the beautiful images Leroy takes. Chelsea does a lot more behind the scenes work these days as she juggles work, homeschool, and raising 5 kids. You can visit her personal blog, Create Trust Daily, where she shares a peek into the day to day of learning to trust God while juggling marriage, motherhood, and running a creative business.

Product Specialist - Kamryn

Session Assistants - Cash, Jade, Gage, & Tre


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