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Although we are still finishing up our Class of 2023 senior sessions – we are already prepping for the upcoming school year! We will choose 4 upcoming seniors to participate in one styled shoot per senior. These sessions will be styled – hair, makeup, outfits, the whole shebang – by our team and a few […]

We had a blast this Summer taking photos with our 2023 Senior Influencers, but now its your turn to get a senior session scheduled with us! That’s right, the countdown has officially started for our first ever 48 Hour Senior Sale on August 29-30, 2022. For 2 days only – you will be able to […]

This school year, for the very first time in many many years, we decided to take break from having a senior team. It was a good decision for us, and we still had a lot of fun and photographed some AMAZING seniors! But, if we are honest, we missed having our #TademySenior team. So… We […]


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