Senior 2024 Model Search

February 18, 2023

Although we are still finishing up our Class of 2023 senior sessions – we are already prepping for the upcoming school year!

We will choose 4 upcoming seniors to participate in one styled shoot per senior. These sessions will be styled – hair, makeup, outfits, the whole shebang – by our team and a few of our favorite vendors, and used for the upcoming school year!

Our 4 styled shoot categories are:

    We love working with athletes so we have to include an athlete category for the upcoming school year. We plan on stepping it up and creating some fun shots that you haven’t seen before!
    If you love fashion, dressing up, and shopping, this is the category for you!
    This category will include in studio shots as well as a few urban shots downtown!
    Destination to be determined, but we are loading up and heading out of Lake Charles for this one!

Want to participate? Fill out the form below!

HAVING TROUBLE WITH THE FORM? This link will take you directly to the form for easier use.



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