Chelsea’s Pick: 2023 Senior Session

August 1, 2023

Going through all of our senior images, in preparation for the Tademy Senior Awards 2023, further confirmed that Norma’s session was my favorite of the year (Kadence N. and Alyssa’s sessions were also favorites!) I can tell by looking through the images that Leroy was able to be super creative at this session, and Norma gave a lot of variety and just rocked it!

Here are some of my favorites:

Norma’s school colors are orange and blue, and I love how they incorporated those colors into these cap and gown portraits! All of these “effects” were shot in camera!

Theeeeeeese images are gorgeous! I feel like she jumped into Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” – am I the only one?

This has to be some of my favorite images Leroy has taken at McNeese campus! Look how perfectly placed Norma is in the curve of the wall!

See why this is my favorite session? They don’t stop – they just get better! Look at this group of images in the soft pink and garden vibes. **Heart eyes**

I had to keep these rather large just so you can enjoy the detail and weaving of the trees in these images! Looove them!

And the best for last! I still can’t believe how gorgeous this sunset was STRAIGHT OUT OF CAMERA! In fact, the only tweak I made on these in post was taking a business sign off that was distracting in the background. So now you agree right? Isn’t this a gorgeous session from beginning to end?

Let me know in the comments which photo or group of photos was your favorite!



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