It’s Our Birthday Month!! Year 12!

July 4, 2023

In 2010, we were a newly-wed couple learning the basics of photography and enjoying many photo adventures as we worked together to complete assignments for a photography course at McNeese State University. Over time we began to realize that photography was something we really enjoyed doing together. By July of 2011, we decided to take Chelsea’s graphic design degree, and our mutual passion for photography, and merge it into Tademy Design and Photography LLC. We dug our boots in and started learning everything we could about photography and running a business. Back then we wrote a 5 year plan that included both of us running this business full time at Year 5, but the Lord’s plan is always better than our own and by 2013 (only 2 years later), we were both working from home full-time!

Fast-forward a few years and we have watched the Lord bless and grow our business to what it is today! As of 2023, we have celebrated 12 years in business, our 13 year wedding anniversary, and are the proud parents to 6 beautiful children. We have photographed places as far away as Israel, Boston and Washington D.C. We have worked with countless families, sports organizations, local businesses, as well as national businesses and brands. 

We are thankful for the many opportunities God has blessed us with to meet new people, develop new friendships, and grow and learn together. We are slowly watching our small (but mighty) team grow, and we look forward to sharing special memories with both our team and our clients, for as long as the Lord leads us to do so.

A Gift For You

In celebration of our birthday month, we are offering our 48 Hour 75% Off Sale EARLY, AND offering it for all portrait sessions – not just senior sessions! Book now during our celebration, and take photos later!

About the Sale

During the 48 Hour Sale, you will book your session and pay the discounted rate for your session fee, but you won’t have to schedule a date immediately. As we work on processing sessions, we will reach out with additional information and some available dates for you to choose a date for your portrait session during the Fall or Early Spring.

Last year we made the change to separate the session fee and product package options into two separate things. This way you are able to view the photos and decide what products you would like produced after the session!

The Session Fee = Fee that covers the photographers time and the actual portrait session itself; the cost varies according to how many locations, outfits, and over all time is needed to create the photos.

Product Packages = A collection of products bundled together and created with the images from your senior session (ex. wall art, photo albums, graduation announcements, etc). We sat down and created packages based on what our previous clients specifically needed and ordered! These are wrapped up together in a discounted bundle. 

A La Carte Products = Same product options, but this gives you the option to purchase items individually instead of in the bundle. These products are offered at full price.

There is no minimum order for products, but most of our clients spend around $1000 on their product order.

IN-STUDIO ONLY – (Usually $150) During the Sale $37.50
This session is up to 30 minutes, 2 outfits, and photos are taken in our Downtown studio only.

DOWNTOWN COMBO– (Usually $250) During the Sale $62.50
This session is up to 1 hour long, 3 outfits, and we will photograph two outfits inside our studio, and then head outside in Downtown LC for the last outfit.

ON-LOCATION – (Usually $300) During the Sale $75
This is our most popular session option and it is up to 2 hours, up to 5 outfits, and includes 2 locations (locally).

The dates for the 48 Hour Sale are July 31 & August 1, but you can reserve a spot before then by signing up with this button! The Sale will no longer be accessible after August 1.



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