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We had an amazing year with our 2024 seniors, but we are officially prepping for our… CLASS OF 2025 – TADEMY SENIOR INFLUENCER TEAM! We have some details listed below, as well as the application at the bottom to sign up to participate. Please take time to read through everything and make sure that everything […]

Going through all of our senior images, in preparation for the Tademy Senior Awards 2023, further confirmed that Norma’s session was my favorite of the year (Kadence N. and Alyssa’s sessions were also favorites!) I can tell by looking through the images that Leroy was able to be super creative at this session, and Norma […]

In 2010, we were a newly-wed couple learning the basics of photography and enjoying many photo adventures as we worked together to complete assignments for a photography course at McNeese State University. Over time we began to realize that photography was something we really enjoyed doing together. By July of 2011, we decided to take Chelsea’s graphic […]

Although we are still finishing up our Class of 2023 senior sessions – we are already prepping for the upcoming school year! We will choose 4 upcoming seniors to participate in one styled shoot per senior. These sessions will be styled – hair, makeup, outfits, the whole shebang – by our team and a few […]

We had a blast this Summer taking photos with our 2023 Senior Influencers, but now its your turn to get a senior session scheduled with us! That’s right, the countdown has officially started for our first ever 48 Hour Senior Sale on August 29-30, 2022. For 2 days only – you will be able to […]

This school year, for the very first time in many many years, we decided to take break from having a senior team. It was a good decision for us, and we still had a lot of fun and photographed some AMAZING seniors! But, if we are honest, we missed having our #TademySenior team. So… We […]

Spirit Wars has come and gone again! This was our FOURTH annual Spirit Wars competition over on our Instagram page (@tademyphoto). It really is such a fun part of our year and we are so thankful for everyone who participates! What is “Spirit Wars”? Basically we post one Instagram post for each of the local […]

What is “Spirit Wars”? This year we hosted our THIRD annual Spirit Wars competition over on our Instagram page (@tademydandp). It has honestly become one of our favorite times of the year! What happens is we post one Instagram post for each of the local high schools in the area and the school with the […]









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